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New Players Welcome


“What is admirable in football (rugby), is the perpetual mix of individualism and discipline, the necessity for each man to think, anticipate, take a decision and at the same time subordinate one’s reasoning, thoughts and decisions to those of the captain. And even the referee’s whistle stopping a player for a ‘fault’ one team mate has made and he hasn’t seen, tests his character and patience. For all that, football is truly the reflection of life, a lesson experimenting in the real world, a first-rate educational tool.” - Baron Pierre de Coubertin

New players interested in playing rugby in 2016-17 please email, supplying your best email address and a cellphone number.

Almost all practice and time sensitive information is conveyed via email or facebook so it is important you are included on the email list. Players often choose to cc a parent so you may include a parent email, as well. Static information such as match schedules, kit requirements, DHS emergency card requirements and USA Rugby registration is kept up to date on this website and via Teamsnap.

We look forward to hearing from you. See our practice schedule on this site and feel free to join in at any point. Make yourself known to a coach, or contact one of the captains, or any player, at DHS during the week. ALL ARE WELCOME!

Players Facebook Page 2016 - 17

Please contact a captain for access to this year's page.

Players Need to Know

Weekly Training: wear more clothes than you need, bring plenty of water, and you must have your mouth guard. Training pitch is the field behind the DHS stadium.

Match Days: white rugby shorts*,  sweats to keep warm, MOUTH Guards and cleats. Game jerseys & socks are provided. Also bring water, although the Club does provide bottled water for half time and the end of the match. At away games, the hosts will entertain you post-match. Home matches - please arrive an hour before kick-off to warm up. Home match pitch is at Royle School, Mansfield Avenue.

Match Fees:  $10 (at home matches only). Mary McCarthy will collect at each match. $10 covers water and food for both the players and their opponents at home matches, Always stay around after each match - you are entertaining your opponents which is a long standing tradition - and the food is pretty good.

*KIT: white shorts. Suppliers online: ,, Store: International Soccer & Rugby Imports, 15 Ethan Allen Hwy Ridgefield, CT 06877 (203) 544-9777 and 42 West Putnam Ave, Greenwich, C T

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